This is a detective game, called “Find The Murder”. A man was murdered at his house. The player will be the detective to find who is the murder, why this murder killed the man, and how the murder successfully killed the man.

Our player can login as a guest, which will load local process. However, if the player switch the device, the data mill be missing.  If the player has an account, he/she can continue to play the game whichever device he/she uses.

The new button means the player want to start a new game, deleting all the local process.

The achievement button can show the puzzles that user solved and also the remaining unsolved puzzles.

When the player finds the corresponding evidence, he/she can activate the character to find what the role this character plays in the murder case.

When the player search evidence in the room, he/she can click the next button of the tool box to hide the tool box in order to view the room more clearly. If he/she finds something useful, the player can double click to put them into tool box. Besides, the player can click the tool in the tool box so that he/she can use the tool.

When the user click logout, the process will be automatically saved.

The Help button can give a hint to user, but it can only provide 5 times.

For the dead body, user need to find who he is, then the player will enable the autopsy report to view more evidence.