In The Oven

334 Term Project Proposal

Sherry Ko

“In The Oven”

The title, “In The Oven”, is a play on the term some use to signify pregnancy, having a bun in the oven. In this case, instead of buns or even babies, we have everybody’s favorite- cookies!

The short will start off with the formation of cookie dough balls on a baking sheet and then theĀ placing of the baking sheet into the oven. In the oven, instead of the formationĀ of a baby, we see the each of the stages of the short lives of two cookies. We see the two cookies grow up, fall in love, dance, and die together. In the end, the sheet is taken out, revealing freshly baked cookies.

To use animation to show the fictional life of cookies that we do not see while they get baked inside an oven. It will make use of a nostalgic and warm feeling to relate the short lives of these cookies to our own.

This piece should be primarily focused and styled to appeal to a younger school-aged audience, but various ideas behind the piece should each reveal themselves to people of varying ages.


The Gingerbread Man Kids Story –

Gingerbread in Shrek –


Baking Cookies Time Lapse –

Illustrations –