Genomic Biology – Next generation of microwell arrays with the integration of bottom filter for spatial genomics (Sept’16 – present)

Dr. Eric Brouzes, Stony Brook University

This project aims at developing microwell arrays with bottom integration filter for the study of spatial genomics

  • Work done till now – Preparation of microwell arrays on glass filter using dry film photoresist(DFR) by photolithography and characterization of surface properties of the DFR.

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering – Development of nickel doped nano-hydroxyapatite as proangiogenic biomaterial for bone tissue engineering (Jun’14 – Jun’15)

Dr. Indranil Banerjee, National Institute of Technology (Rourkela Campus), India

This project aims at developing synthetic nano-hydroxyapatite proangiogenic by nickel doping for improved bone tissue engineering

  • Preparation of nickel doped nano-hydroxyapatite – wet chemical precipitation method with cationic surfactant as template
  • Physicochemical Characterization of nickel doped hydroxyapatite – (XRD, EDAX, TEM, FTIR, ZETA potential and BET surface area analysis)
  • Biological characterization of nickel doped hydroxyapatite to evaluate osteogenic and angiogenic property of the material invitro (Protein adsorption, hemolysis, MTT, Cell cycle analysis, Live-Dead Assay, SEM, Immunocytochemistry for expression of Runx2 and HIF-1α, VEGF expression by ELISA, RT-PCR analysis for the expression of VEGF, HIF-1α and Runx2 gene)

Neuroscience – Assessment of Taurine levels in Dementia patients (Jun’12 – April’13)

Dr.P.Rani, PSG College of Technology, India

This project aims at developing a more reliable diagnostic method for Dementia by determining the levels of plasma Taurine.

  • Collected samples and age-matched controls from Hospitals and Dementia centers.
  • Pre-treated the frozen plasma samples to separate the Taurine from other compounds and then pre-derivatized those with a fluorescent compound NBD-F
  • Performed HPLC and compared the concentrations of Taurine in samples and control subjects.

Bioinformatics – Comparative Studies on Rho – Kinase Inhibitors (Jun’12 – Oct’12)

Dr. C. Sabarinath, PSG College of Technology, India

This project aimed at finding the best inhibitor of Rho- Kinase in human so that it can be used for SMA (Spinal Muscular Atropy) therapy

  • Performed the collection of structures similar to Rho – Kinase inhibitors and docked them against Rho – Kinase using Argus Lab and Auto Dock
  • Tested their feasibility of interaction by calculating their binding energies and concluded that Isoquinolone derivative is the best inhibitor.

Protein Engineering – “Purification of Bromelain from Ananuscomosus(Dec’11 – Mar’12)

Dr.P.Rani, PSG College of Technology, India

This project aimed at isolating and purifying the enzyme Bromelain from the fruit stem of Pineapple.

  • Purification of the enzyme was done by Ion Exchange Chromatography and confirmed by Zymography.

Genetic Engineering – Cloning of MADS BOX gene from Solanumlycopersicum(Jun’11 – Oct’11)

Dr. Selvi Subramanium, PSG College ofTechnology, India

This project focused on identifying the MADS BOX gene in the fruit pulp of tomato.

  • Performed the extraction of DNA and designed a primer
  • Amplified the extracts of DNA by gradient PCR.
  • Used cloning and transformation to identify the presence of the amplified MADS BOX gene.