Edublogs logoOn Jan. 3, 2014, Edublogs announced that it was beginning to upgrade all campus networks (including SB You) to the latest version of WordPress.

According to the Edublogs email, “upgrades will continue to roll out in the coming days and you will know if your site is upgraded when you first log in, as things will look a bit different than you are used to.”

This upgrade will come with a complete new look to the dashboard experience. Everything remains in the same layout and location, but you will find the look and feel to be more modern and user friendly. The biggest improvement is that the new dashboard is completely mobile, touch, and tablet friendly, meaning it is much easier to write a new post or manage a site from any Web browser on any device – no special app needed!

Edublogs is in the process of updating screenshots on its support site.

Let us know if you notice any issues or have any questions by leaving a comment here or on the DoIT Labs blog.

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