Today, I stumbled upon the Harvard Business Review’s ‘Blog Network’ and did some searching for women in positions of power and women’s leadership.  I came across an awesome article, written August 2013, by Gretchen Gavett.  By searching the Harvard Business Review blog’s own archive, she compiled topics that generally pop up over and over again when examining women and leadership.  Her own blog post is full of inserted links that take the reader to past articles from the last couple of years.

Some of the topics she focused on are: pay, leadership qualities, likability, talent & teams and work/parenting balance.

There is also a really great refresh-able infographic with short, but powerful statistics.

Take a bit of time to quickly read through Gretchen’s article along with the many of her colleague’s articles she linked to- there is so much valuable information available!

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know About Women in the Workplace by Gretchen Gavett

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