Project 3: Altered Perception

The Charles Bonnet Syndrome causes people with vision loss to hallucinate. People who have this are afraid to talk about it because they are afraid of being labelled as insane. The first image shows how people hallucinate trees and inanimate objects. The following 2 images shows that the most common hallucinations are of faces. The fourth image are two pictures of bed springs overlapping one another to show sufferers of this Syndrome often see repeating simple patterns. The fifth image shows that they also hallucinate people, with the background blurred out because they cant see very well. Finally, the sixth image pays tribute to Charles Bonnet, who first discovered this illness because his grandfather would hallucinate birds. Half of these photos are black and white, while the other are in color, to show that the hallucinations can vary either way. 


Anchor in Deep



The Eyes


Do You See Me?

Bonnet Ducks

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