Two Additions to the SUNY Spring Education Enterprise Purchase (EEP) Offering

Two different Dell network switches were added to the SUNY Spring Education Enterprise Purchase (EEP) offering and will run through July 31, 2014. The Dell pricing is available at discounts better than New York State and higher education pricing. The products listed on this promotion may be purchased direct through Dell or via a reseller (on the OGS contract).

Dell Networking Switch Model S4810

List Price $26,533.44 … SUNY Special $9,545.18

Image of a Dell Network Switch 4810

48 port 10G SFP+ PORTS W/4 QSFP 40GPORTS,1 AC PS,2 FAN SUBSYS W/AIRFLOW Front to back.

Reference Config ID 1250818/Quote #679060808

Offer Expires: July 31, 2014….

**Extended warranties, enhanced features & connectors available on this promo, please call the contact number below or your Dell partner for a custom quote.

Key applications

  • Ultra-low-latency 10 GbE switching in HPCC, high-speed trading, or other business-sensitive deployments that require the highest bandwidth and lowest latency
  • High-density 10 GbE ToR server aggregation in high-performance data center environments
  • Design with the E-Series or Z-Series core switch/router to create a flat, two-tier, non-blocking 1/10/40 GbE data center network design
  • Design a distributed core Clos fabric with S4810 switch in leaf and spine with the S-Series 1/10GbE ToR switches for cost-effective aggregation of 10 GbE uplinks
  • Regular iSCSI Storage deployment
  • Enterprise iSCSI (iSCSI over DCB)
  • FIP Snooping Bridge as part of storage solution

Key features

  • 1RU high-density 10/40 GbE ToR switch with 48 dual-speed 1/10 GbE (SFP+) ports and four 40 GbE (QSFP+) uplinks (totaling 64 10 GbE ports with breakout cables)
  • 1.28 Tbps (full-duplex) non-blocking, cut-through switching fabric delivers line-rate performance under full load with 800ns latency
  • Scalable L2 and L3 Ethernet switching with QoS and a full complement of standards-based IPv4 and IPv6 features
  • IO panel to PSU airflow or PSU to IO panel airflow
  • Open Automation Framework adds VM-awareness as well as automated configuration and provisioning capabilities to simplify the management of virtual network environments
  • Modular Dell Force10 Operating System (FTOS) software delivers inherent stability as well as advanced monitoring and serviceability functions
  • Supports jumbo frames for high-end server connectivity
  • 128 link aggregation groups with up to 8 members per group, using advanced hashing
  • Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fans
  • Hardware support for DCB
  • Low power consumption
  • VLT and eVLT:mulit-chassis link to enable up to 576 10GE (3:1 over subscription)
  • User Port stacking support for up to 6 units
  • Support IPv6 Layer 2 and FIPS certification

Dell Networking Switch Model N2048P

List Price $4,290.83 … Education Special $2,312.66

Image of a Dell Network Switch 2048

Dell  N2048P L2 48-Port POE+ switch with three-year ProSupport and NBD on-site services

Offer Expires: July 31, 2014….

**Extended warranties, enhanced features & connectors available on this promo, please call the contact number below or your Dell partner for a custom quote.

Dell Networking N2000 Series

  • Up to 220 Gbps switch fabric capacity.
  • Supports up to 48 line-rate 1GbE ports per
    switch and up to 600 1GbE ports in a twelve-unit stack
  • Standard N-Series stacking cables and built-in ports for cost-effective high-performance stacking at up to 84 Gbps
  • Up to 48 ports of PoE+
  • Up to 4,094 VLANs supported
  • Advanced Layer 2+ functionality with up to 256 static routes and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) included supporting up to 256 interfaces
  • Advanced network security including highly configurable ACLs
  • USB Rapid deployment expedites switch configuration
  • Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) and lower power PHYs reduce
    power to inactive ports and idle links
  • Fresh Air® compliant for high operating temperature

A powerful and economical 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet switching solution for efficient Layer 2+ access for end user devices, entry-level servers, and network devices. Up to twelve switches can be stacked and managed with a single IP address to deliver reliable network performance.

Leverage familiar tools and practices

  • One common CLI and GUI using a well-known command language gets skilled network administrators productive quickly.
  • Maintain consistent configurations by running one OS release across all products in the series.
  • Rapidly deploy mirrored configurations to numerous devices by simply inserting in a USB key

Modernize campus network architectures

  • Supports loop-free redundancy without spanning tree using MLAG to create high availability and full bandwidth utilization.
  • Interfaces seamlessly with Cisco proprietary protocols like RPVST+ and devices running CDP for greater interoperability and integration.
  • Unite various networking products with the latest open standard protocols for more network choice.

Key features and innovations

  • Multi-chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG) creates active/active loop-free redundancy without implementing expensive spanning tree protocols.
  • Interface seamlessly with Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree (RPVST+) for greater flexibility and interoperability with Cisco networks. (Available with OS 6.1 release)
  • Authentication Tiering allows admins to tier port authentication methods, such as 802.1x, MAC Authentication Bypass, and Captive Portal in priority order so that a single port can provide flexible access and security.
  • Policy Based Routing (PBR) allows you to forward packets based on assigned criteria beyond destination address. Policy Based Forwarding (PBF) is available
    on Layer 2 devices.
  • Remote Switch Port Analyzer (RSPAN) allows you to monitor ports across a Layer 2 domain without purchasing costly dedicated network taps.
  • DHCP Snooping ensures IP integrity on a Layer 2 switched domain to harden the security of the LAN.
  • OpenFlow 1.0 provides first-look SDN capabilities in environments outside the data center. Beta release
  • And hundreds more including the latest open-standard protocols.

***Please note there are L3 versions of this switch and 10gbe versions. Please call for details.

To order or discuss options, please call:
Matt Sperling
Regional Sales/Dell Networking
Phone (518) 810-4345


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