Tadanori (Tad) Koga
Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director (Chemical Engineering​)DSC00527

Room 318, Old Engineering Building
Department of Materials Science & Chemical Engineering
Stony Brook, NY 11794-2275
Tel: 631-632-8485, Fax-8052

(1) Education

1998 Ph.D., Physics, Kyushu University, Japan

(2) Other Appointments and Professional & Synergetic Activities

-2016 Managing Guest editor for Polymer (Elsevier), a special issue on “Structure and
Dynamics of Polymers studied by Xray, Neutron and Muon Techniques”.

-Sep. 2012-present, Affiliated faculty, Department of Chemistry, Stony Brook University

-April 2013-present, Research Member, “Tribology with Muon and Neutron” (PI, Prof. Hideki Seto (KEK), MEXT, Japan)

-Jan. 2015-present, Research Member for S-type neutron scattering research project (“Development of advanced nano-structure analysis for soft-interfaces using neutron reflectometory and application for industrial materials”), at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK, Japan)

-Jan. 2013-present, Center for Functional Nanomaterials (CFN, BNL) proposal review panel

-May 2014-present, Committee member, SUNY Network of Excellence Materials & Advanced Manufacturing Infrastructure team

-Sep. 2014-present, Member of the Intercollegiate Athletics Board, Stony Brook University

-Nov 2009-present, Research member of Frontier Soft Matter Beamline Consortium (FSBL), SPring-Synchrotron Facility (Japan)

-Jan. 2012-present, Research Member for S-type neutron scattering research project (“Analysis of Dynamics at Nano Interface of Functional Soft Matter”) at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK, Japan)

-Sep. 2012- Aug. 2014, Chair of the NSLS Facility Proposal Review Panel (PRP): X-ray Scattering: Soft Matter and Biophysics

-May 2012-Aug. 2014, Spokesperson, Advanced Polymers Beamline (X27C), NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory

-June 2009-March 2011, Research Advisor, JST/ERATO, Takahara Soft Interface Project, Japan. (Project Leader, Prof. Atsushi Takahara, Kyushu University)

-July 2008, Visiting professor (funded by Global Center Of Excellence (G-COE), Japan), Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering, Kyushu University, Japan

(3) Award

2009 NSF CAREER Award

(4) Societies

American Physical Society, American Chemical Society, The American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Society of Polymer Science, Japan