{Spring 2019: Part 2}

May 7th

Another kind of cherry blossoms here~ The trees I photographed remind me of a very similar tree in the park in front of my house. My sister and I often called the tree the cotton ball or cotton candy tree because of how fluffy the flowers looked.

Spring 2019 0151 (1/160s f/8 ISO 100)

Spring 2019 0153 (1/250s f/5.6 ISO 400)

Spring 2019 0154 (1/250s f/7.1 ISO 200)

Spring 2019 0171 (1/1000s f/5.6 ISO 560)

May 11th

I actually forgot about these photos, LoL~ So… there are a lot of parks near by where I live. The largest park has a lot of landscaping work done, and has many many flower patches around. Since I am often away at my college, I hardly get to visit the parks anymore, so when I had a chance to snap a picture of the last tulips, I took it.

Spring 2019 0226 (1/100s f/5.6 ISO 12800)

Spring 2019 0227 (1/100s f/5.6 ISO 12800)

May 20th

So while I miss the flora back at home, there are quite a number of plants and flowers at my college. I noticed these irises a while back, and bided my time to get the perfect shot…and I almost waited too long. I literally took this one of the last days I would be on campus, but you know what? They came out pretty nicely.

Spring 2019 0232 (1/125s f/5 ISO 640)

Spring 2019 0233 (1/125s f/5.6 ISO 900)

Spring 2019 0235 (1/125s f/5.6 ISO 1100)

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