Bassem Allam

bassem1School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences

Stony Brook University
NY 11794-5000,  USA
Phone: +1 (631) 632 8745
Fax: +1 (631) 632 8915


Dr Allam also holds a Courtesy Faculty appointment at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine

Main research interests:

  • Pathology and immunology of marine invertebrates
  • Early interactions at water-tissue interfaces between suspension feeding bivalves and waterborne microbes (tissue colonization by microbes, particle sorting in suspension-feeders)
  • Marine genomics

Current research projects can be accessed here.

Recent publications: (since 2016 , complete listing is available here)

Schwaner C, Barbosa M, Connors P, Park TJ, de Silva D, Griffith A, Gobler CJ, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2020). Experimental acidification increases susceptibility of Mercenaria mercenaria to infection by Vibrio species. Marine Environmental Research 154: 104872 pdf

Barbosa M, Schwaner C, Schwemmer T, Pales Espinoa E, Allam B. (2019). Effect of food resource availability on the resilience of eastern oyster larvae to ocean acidification. World Aquaculture 5(30) pdf

Rosani U, Shapiro M, Venier P, Allam B. (2019). A needle in a haystack: Tracing bivalve-associated viruses in high-throughput transcriptomic Data. Viruses 11, 205; doi:10.3390/v11030205 pdf

Fernández-Robledo JA, Yadavalli R, Allam B, Pales-Espinosa E, Gerdol M, Greco S, Stevick RJ, Gómez-Chiarri M, Zhang Y, Heil CA, Tracy AN, Bishop-Bailey D, Metzger MJ. (2019). From the raw bar to the bench: Bivalves as models for human health. Developmental and Comparative Immunology 92: 260-282. pdf

Lau Y-T, Santos B, Barbosa M, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2018). Regulation of apoptosis-related genes during interactions between oyster hemocytes and the alveolate parasite Perkinsus marinus.  Fish and Shellfish Immunology 83: 180-189. pdf

Bassim S, Allam B. (2018). SNP hot-spots in the clam parasite QPX. BMC Genomics 19: 486. pdf

Hartman R, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2018). Identification of clam plasma proteins that bind its pathogen Quahog Parasite Unknown. Fish and Shellfish Immunology 77: 214-221. pdf

Hornstein J, Pales Espinosa E, Cerrato R, Lwiza K, Allam B. (2018). The influence of temperature stress on the physiology of the Atlantic surfclam, Spisula solidissima. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 222: 66-73. pdf

Lau Y-T, Gambino L, Santos B, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2018). Regulation of oyster (Crassostrea virginica) hemocyte motility by the intracellular parasite Perkinsus marinus: A possible mechanism for host infection. Fish and Shellfish Immunology 78: 18-25. pdf

Lau Y-T, Gambino L, Santos B, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2018). Transepithelial migration of mucosal hemocytes in Crassostrea virginica and potential role in Perkinsus marinus pathogenesis. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 153:122-129. pdf

Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2018). Reverse genetics demonstrate the role of mucosal C-type lectins in food particle selection in the oyster Crassostrea virginica. Journal of Experimental Biology. pdf

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Rubin E, Tanguy A, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2017). Differential gene expression in five isolates of the clam pathogen, quahog parasite unknown (QPX). Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology 64: 647-654. pdf

Liu Q, Collier JL, Allam B. (2017). Seasonality of QPX disease in the Raritan Bay (NY) wild hard clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) population. Aquaculture Research 48: 1269-1278. pdf

Rubin E, Werneburg GT, Pales Espinosa E, Thanassi DG, Allam B. (2016). Identification and characterization of peptidases secreted by quahog parasite unknown (QPX), the protistan parasite of hard clams. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms 122: 21-33. pdf

Wang K, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2016). Effect of “heat shock” treatments on QPX disease and stress response in the hard clam, Mercenaria mercenaria. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 138: 39-49. pdf

Allam B, Pales Espinosa E. (2016). Bivalve immunity and response to infections: Are we looking at the right place? Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 53: 4-12. pdf

Wang K, Del Castillo C, Corre E, Pales Espinosa E, Allam B. (2016). Clam focal and systemic immune responses to QPX by RNA-Seq technology. BMC Genomics, 17:146. pdf

Pales Espinosa E, Cerrato R, Wikfors G, Allam B. (2016). Modeling food choice in the two suspension-feeding bivalves, Crassostrea virginica and Mytilus edulis. Marine Biology, 163(2): 1-13. pdf

Wang K, Pales Espinosa E, Tanguy A, Allam B. (2016). Alterations of the immune transcriptome in resistant and susceptible hard clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) in response to Quahog Parasite Unknown (QPX) and temperature. Fish and Shellfish Immunology 49: 163-176. pdf

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Dahl S, Allam B. (2016). Clam transplant as a mitigation strategy for QPX disease in Mercenaria mercenaria. Aquaculture Research  47: 3445-1454.  pdf