Visiting Scientists & Postdocs

Position Open:

The MADL currently has an opening for a postdoctoral position in marine genomics. The incumbent will be expected to contribute to ongoing and projected research on physiological and adaptive responses of marine invertebrates to pathological and environmental stress. Ongoing research uses a wide range of high-throughput technologies (RNASeq, RADSeq, bsRADSeq, proteomics, etc.) to characterize molecular processes and features associated with shellfish (clams, oysters, mussels) resilience to ocean acidification (and other environmental stressors) and resistance to infectious diseases. Other ongoing research includes the use of high-throughput transcriptomic methods to unravel molecular mechanisms underlying food uptake and selection in bivalves. For more information please contact Bassem Allam or visit this site.




Previous Postdocs and Visiting Scientists:
Dr Sleiman Bassim
Dr Amelie Segarra
Dr Carmelo del Castillo
Dr Xing Jing
Dr Raul Bettencourt
Dr Selma Katalai