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The New York Marine Sciences Consortium is an association of colleges, universities, and degree-granting institutions with expertise and interest in marine and/or coastal science. NYMSC is the voice of New York State’s marine science academic community, which strives to influence public policy, communicate science, and increase funding for the marine sciences within New York. Through research and education, NYMSC strives to find solutions to the challenges that New York’s coastal communities face.

Benefits of Consortium Membershipabout_2

  • NYMSC members share resources, expertise, and announcements across institutions.
  • The consortium makes it easier for members to create multi-institutional partnerships to apply for funding such as NSF’s “Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence” (COSEE) program and others. Agencies and foundations increasingly look for partnerships as a required component of proposals.
  • Consortium members collaborate in seeking support for, and providing input to, the design of marine observational systems involving continuous streams of data from moored and mobile sensors operated by regional associations.

Next Consortium Board Meeting

The next meeting of the Consortium’s Board of Governors has not been scheduled. Check this page for an agenda and further details as they become available.