In Shāhnāmeh “The Book of Kings” Gordafarid is a symbol of courage, a female champion who fought against Sohrab, who was leading an attack on Persia by the Turanian army. Gordafarid dresses in armor, like a man, and leads her troops to battle against Sohrab. With ease Gordafarid defeated Sohrab’s army and went on to fight Sohrab. For hours they fought until Sohrab succeeded in removing her helmet. Realizing that his opponent was the opposite sex, he quickly fell in love with the female warrior and forgot about their fight. Gordafarid decided to deceive him and lured him to an arena where their final battle was at hand and Gordafarid finally brought down Sohrab once and for all.



Gordafarid, Acrylic on Paper



She meets Him, Acrylic on Paper


He Feels in Love, Acrylic on Paper

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