Jason Paradis

Jason Paradis
Full Time Lecturer

06.08.2020.12:00, 2020, ink, carbon, and acrylic on paper, 10 x 9″

For Reckoning, I will be submitting on ongoing drawing project “documenting” events of 2020. These events will range from the global to the personal. Some will be of contextually large-scale concerns while others will be of my individual daily moments. The only indication revealing the source of each will be numerical titles that catalog the date and time. Each drawing will start with the transfer of a map recording the exact location of the stars and planets on the particular date (and time) of the event. The drawing process will be the same for every piece as individually layered ink-lines abstract the impetus. Every few days a new drawing will be added to the series. The resulting compilation of similar looking images with slight, possibly indiscernible, variations alludes to the desire for significant change but reflects the reality of consistency and constant repetition.