Staying Healthy and Eating Healthy During COVID19

Recent advice from the World Health Organization urges people to exercise frequent hand washing and to avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

Reflection of the Superfood for February: Chillies

Chillies spice up many dishes and give your body a boost of vitamins and minerals. While spice levels vary per pepper, each aids the body in antioxidants, which protect our cells from free radicals.

SAC Market – New and Trending

When creating the new location, faculty looked into what food options were needed on campus. They focused on healthier grab-and-go choices, from salads to sandwiches to international hot plates. 

Be Dined

The air is filled with love and the sweet aroma of food. Whether you’re B.F.Fs,  “together”, dating, or in a long term relationship, this day is about appreciating those around you.

Who said you had to spend the big bucks and go to a stuffy high-end restaurant to prove your love? Culinart can serve up that sophisticated flavor and chic display to you right here on campus.

Guest Chef Mavis-Jay Sanders

Born into a large southern family, MJ began mastering cooking before she could even see over the counter. Legend has it, she perfected the pound cake before learning her ABC’s.

It was a cold February, so we turned up the heat with Chilies!

By Chloe Rosette Chili peppers, known mostly for their fiery and distinct flavor, are a fruit to spice up your health. Chilis are a versatile food and can be eaten cooked, raw, dried, or powdered. Most of the time you… Continue Reading →

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