Stop Food Waste!

April is Stop Food Waste Month so here are some ways to help you kick start a more environmentally friendly and less wasteful month and lifestyle.

Kosher and Halal, what’s the difference?

You’ve probably seen signs displaying “kosher” and “halal” around campus, but what the difference?

50s night at Dine In!

By Michaela Steil The coming dine-in theme nights are all decade themes. This Friday it is the 50s! There‚Äôs no doubt that the 50s were a time of turmoil with the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, and Red Scare, but… Continue Reading →

It was a cold February, so we turned up the heat with Chilies!

By Chloe Rosette Chili peppers, known mostly for their fiery and distinct flavor, are a fruit to spice up your health. Chilis are a versatile food and can be eaten cooked, raw, dried, or powdered. Most of the time you… Continue Reading →

Bubble Tea: from Taiwan to Stony Brook

You’ve probably seen people with bubble tea on campus, but here’s some history behind these colorful drinks.

Don’t Like Sushi? Try Kimbap

Jasmine is serving kimbap! But what makes it different from sushi? Well there’s two main differences…

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday and 12 Ways to Fight Stress

Introducing Wellness Ways on our blog and the first installment: 12 Ways to Fight Stress at Stony Brook.

Preparing for Finals

Worried about finding food during finals? Look no further! Campus dining will be hosting special events at night to help make it through your studying.

Comfort Food

What’s the deal with comfort food? What does it work the way it does, and what constitutes “comfort food”?

Native American Heritage Month at SBU

Guest chef, author, and historian, Lois Ellen Frank will join the SBU community to demonstrate and educate on Native American culinary dishes.

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