By Katherine Hoey


Culinart Group and the Faculty Student Association have come together to create the latest retail food edition to campus: the SAC Market in the Student Activities Center.  With sleek high-top seating and charger outlets, the location serves as a quick pit stop for food as well as a student hub for studying and hanging out. 


When creating the new location, faculty looked into what food options were needed on campus. They focused on healthier grab-and-go choices, from salads to sandwiches to international hot plates. 


New bold choices:


Argo Tea: A huge portion of our students gravitate towards tea beverages. So it only made sense to bring new choices to campus. Argo Tea is a Chicago-based signature drink company founded in 2003. It has since expanded all over the country, with our campus being the only location on Long Island to have a full Argo Tea cafe. Argo Tea offers an array of signature flavors packed with antioxidants, like Hibiscus Apple Cider and Green Tea Ginger Twist.


Antioxidants aid the body’s functioning against “free radicals”, a waste substance produced by cells due to foods and the environment, like pollution, UV exposure, and cigarette smoke. Antioxidants have anti-inflammatory components that can prevent oxidative stress by neutralizing these “free radicals”.  

These “free radicals” have been linked to cancer, autoimmune diseases, respiratory diseases, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, emphysema, and Parkinson’s disease. Tea is also known to aid in weight loss, lowering cholesterol and improving mental alertness. 


The joint also serves Teapuccinos; with flavors like cocoa, vanilla, mint, chai, and matcha; tea sparkles & squeezes, kombuchas, and bubble tea. Feel free to make your own off-menu drink as well!




Sustainable Snacks: This Bronx chocolate snacks brand is 100% plant-based without compromising flavor. These bite-sized chocolate snacks are packed with Superfoods like berries, nuts, maple syrup, and spices. By offering whole food ingredients, which are unprocessed and unrefined, these snacks are both paleo-approved and clean. 


Dark chocolate has been proven to feed the microbiome and increase blood flow to the brain, while nuts are a great source of plant-based protein and heart healthy fats. The spices and sweeteners, like cinnamon and maple syrup provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.


Rebecca Scott, founder of Sustainable Snacks, created her company in 2017 to provide tasty and accessible plant-based products so people wishing to make a healthier choice have an easy option. Before launching her company, she worked for public health nutrition programs and supported clients on improving their health outcomes by incorporating more whole, plant-based foods.


I have Lupus and have learned to support my condition with a plant-based diet,” Scott said. “Through my personal and professional experiences, I have found that people across demographics are willing to eat plant-based foods so long as they are first-and-foremost delicious.”


Sustainable Snacks prides itself on working with ethical suppliers to source its ingredients, with maple syrup coming from a farm in upstate New York, fruits from an orchard in Michigan, and chocolate through fair trade with Peru.


Rebecca’s personal favorite is the Spicy Cherry + Almonds snack. This product has the perfect combination of flavors. It is a little tart, sweet, spicy and salty!


You can find Sustainable Snacks along the walls and near the cashier, only at the SAC Market. To learn more on the ingredients’ nutritional benefits go to Sustainable Snacks website to learn more. 


Craft Salads and Bowls: While salads are offered all over campus, Craft Salads and Bowls is focused on offering customizable bowls loaded with an endless variety of toppings. The salads and bowls range in flavors — with Mexican, Mediterranean, Southern and Asian choices. 


Craft Salads & Bowls prides itself on making hand-crafted salads that incorporate fresh, organic, and sustainable ingredients. All poultry is antibiotic-free and the greens and herbs are grown right here on campus at Freight Farm. Every dressing and sauce is made in-house and simply, meaning we use all-natural ingredients.


All our containers are compostable and made of plant-based materials. Come in and make your own bowl on one of our touch-screens, which you can use Wolfie Wallet, Dining Dollars, and credit/debit on. 

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