Project 3: The Rage of the Storm

I decided to name this work “The Rage of the Storm” because of the tornado in the center. That tornado was taken from the internet from what I believe is from Wikipedia. The other images were taken by me and manipulated in a way that it would appear that a tornado is rampaging through the street.

The top picture is of my house and the bottom picture is from my grandma’s house. The reason why I chose two houses was because I wanted to use the concept of merging both pictures to make a bigger setting.

These two images were chosen to lay on the ground because the idea is that the tornado had already picked those items up and carried them.

This image was broken apart into two different trees. It was a challenge to make them work in the my picture because it was time consuming to get rid of the blue sky that was peeking through the trees. I was originally going to use four trees in this picture but I ended up using three because the image became so cluttered, it was hard to determine the focal point. The focal point is meant to be the tornado.

The images above are parts of the things that you will find in the tornado’s wrath. I wanted specific things to be in the tornado such as the telephone pole and the car because it was meant to capture an intense experience.

This is the final image that I used in this piece. You might be wondering “Why am I using a toy truck for a Photoshop project?” Well, I chose this item because I wanted to play around with scale in this image and this truck looked realistic to me. So I made sure that the truck was just about the right size by the tornado. I also darkened the front window so that you couldn’t see the figure in the truck.

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