Today I was figuring out how to make the structure for the head. I was originally going to use a paper towel roll as a center for the head, but then I ended up using a piece of foam. I was going to get a ball of Styrofoam, but then I saw that Michael’s sold these heads made of Styrofoam. So I purchased that and shortened the neck so that it would fit on the mannequin.

When I bring my project in, I will be using a stool instead of a box to make the mannequin tall enough. The stool was chosen so that it wouldn’t be obvious that there weren’t legs underneath.

Here’s a picture of how the mannequin looks right now. If the skirt looks a little too high, it’s because I plan to have the photographs hang down covering the top of the skirt.

I was also able to take the pictures of my sister today. It was a challenge to try to get the best possible angle, but it worked out.

That is my progress so far. This week I plan to edit my photographs during lab time to make the images look slightly better.

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