Final day – Colleen

ColleenOur last day in Jamaica!!  We started with the last early morning dive (6:30 AM) at the dock.  It was a little windy on the morning, which made for an interesting boat ride over to Rio Bueno, and I think most of us were thoroughly soaked before even hitting the water.  I did not get to dive, but was told I missed a really great dive.  Yeah sea turtles and rays!!  The rest of the afternoon was spent gathering the last bits of data and preparing our final presentations.  It was nice to see how the results of our hard work on the project are turning out the way we wanted.  In the evening each group gave their presentation, and it was impressive the way everyone pulled their projects together to make them work, even with the block of bad weather we had.
     Our last supper was probably one of the best.  We had BBQ chicken, ribs, and of course rice and peas!!!!  We spent our last night figuring out drink tab finances, packing, and playing volleyball.  I think everyone is feeling both depressed to be leaving the beautiful weather, but also happy to be heading home to warm showers and Taco Bell.  Oh, and of course school does start on Monday so we are all eagerly anticipating our trip back to NY.
     All in all, this class was amazing!! We got to go diving, sightseeing, dancing, and best of all we got to learn about tropical coral reefs.  I am glad I got to know some of the other students that I have seen around campus, but never really gotten the chance to talk to before.  I know I will be seeing some of them a whole lot more – Yeah Buccaneers!!!!

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