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This travel course surveys organisms (invertebrates, fishes and algae) and habitats (coral reefs, sea grass meadows and mangrove forests) within tropical marine coral reef ecosystems. The course consists of formal lectures, demonstrations and instructor-led field trips and involves snorkeling, SCUBA diving, reefwalking and underwater photography.  Students will develop individual research projects requiring field observations and collecting data and will write a research proposal and final research papers.

2016 Jamaica Informational Handout
Course Registration Information

The process for signing up for the class:
1. Fill out and submit online application to IAP.

2. Receive acceptance letter/package from IAP.
3. Fill out any forms in acceptance package return to 
4. Submit $200 deposit to Bursar.
5. Register for MAR 388 – Winter Session (registration starts
approximately Nov 12)
6. Buy plane ticket (we need to approve flight information before you
purchasing your ticket)
7. Pay balance of program fees/tuition to SBU by end of fall semester
or be ‘deregistered’

All participants must bring a mask, snorkel, and fins.

All divers should bring their own BC and regulator or let us know what
gear they need to rent.

Students can become certified SCUBA divers (PADI) through a local
divemaster/instructor while taking the course, but this is not
specifically a part of the course.

Financial aid is not available, but personal bank loans are. See the
Financial aid office for details.

Everyone needs passports.  Contact IAP
for ‘short cuts” (x2-7030).
You should start this process immediately.

Puerto Seco Beach is < 1 mile from the lab

We will be staying in apartments with kitchens and living rooms at DBML

A cafeteria will be always open and will serve three (excellent) meals
a day.
Vegetarian meals are available. Food allergies are easily accomodated.

Trips will be made to nearby locations such as Dunn’s River Falls,
Grotto caves, botanical garden, and/or the city of Ocho Rios.

The only additional course-related costs students may have are for boat
trips for diving/snorkeling and gear rental which are determined on a
per-student-basis. Everything else for the students in the course
(except for souveniers) is included in the course fee.

Approximate costs will be as follows:

Estimated cost
per student, in-state:

$ 1144.00 Tuition (4 credits)
$ 7.50 College Fee
$ 2,900.00 Program fee
$ 200.00 Admin Fee
$ 300.00 – $600 Airfare
Total:$4,550 – $4,850
Estimated cost
per student, out-state:

$ 4,092.00 Tuition (4 credits)
$ 7.50 College Fee
$ 2,900.00 Program fee
$ 200.00 Admin Fee
$ 300 – $600 Airfare
Total $ 7,500 – $7,800

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    • Hi Matt,

      Sorry for the delay in responding, just saw this comment today. I think anybody can take the class who is an enrolled or guest student at Stony Brook. International Academic Programs office will know for certain so I’d contact them directly with your question.
      – Joe

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