18 Jan AM – HELP! We need more tiles…

Our time in Jamaica is slowly running down because we leave to go back home this Friday. Everyone keeps hearing about the snow and weather that we’re having back home and how hard it is going to be to leave sunny, warm Jamaica behind but we still got 3 days. These 3 days are going to be everyone doing their projects to get the most data and trials they can before we leave and Brooke and I are just starting to get progress with our Balloon fish.

Picture 1
These are our 8 Balloon fish. Their names are Puff Puff, Bubba, Pippa, Kingsbert, Spike, Airhead, Puff Daddy, El Diablo

 They started eating the newest urchins we collected which are the slate pencil urchins. While we wait for them to eat and check back with them throughout the day, we continue finding the force needed to crush the different species of urchins and its correlation with body size. This now involves about 60 of Amber’s tiles and it’s a game of jenga to keep them going and adding more on top.

Picture 2
Slate Pencil Urchin about to be crushed. 

Today, we’re leaving the facility to either go to the green grotto caves or the bioluminescent waters. I personally want to go to the bioluminescent waters, I mean how often do you get to go swim in tropical waters and glow as well? Buffalo is going to seem a whole lot colder coming from this weather.



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