02 January – We have arrived!

Greetings from Discovery Bay Marine Lab in Jamaica. All 23 undergraduate students are here, frantically trying to get online which has caused the internet to crawl to a glacial-like pace.  Family and friends should check in with this blog as we'll have multiple posts per day from the students (with photos) describing what is going on here.  Parents especially are encouraged to write comments on the posts!

It's a nice change from the frozen ground in New York, temps are in the 70s and it's fairly humid. Everybody quickly ditched their shoes, socks, and pants and are in flip-flops and shorts.  We had a great meal for dinner in the cafeteria, a quick introduction to the course, and we'll start things off tomorrow morning at 7am with our first lecture. Not every student was excited by this: in fact one, (who goes by the name of Turnip) stated: "You are making me wake up earlier than I ever have before — except for going on flights." 


The class waits to load onto the bus to travel from the airport to the Discovery Bay Marine Lab.

More later – including our first snorkeling reports.

Professor Warren

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