18 Jan PM – A Busy Day

The whole class working on the photo project

The whole class working on the photo project

Today was a very busy day at Discovery Bay Marine Lab. Late night we worked very hard on the identification project. Our time spent in Jamaica has been spent learning about the marine life of the island, observing them in their natural habitat and taking photographs of different creatures. This project is a culmination of these efforts in which we compile all the pictures that we took and identify the species in the photo. Also, I have to study for two quizzes today so today is jam packed but, at least I am getting everything done. A big update from my last blog post is that I am now a certified diver.

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4 thoughts on “18 Jan PM – A Busy Day

  1. I’m glad your a certified driver; Good luck on your quizzes. Studying to show thou self approved; and you are doing just that. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. It is another day. I want you to photograph some of those sea creatures, now that you are a certified diver. Congratulations.

  3. Congratulations on your certification! Now some pictures of the underwater world would be nice to see,I want to know if the water is as clear and blue as we see on TV.

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