In SOLAR, if the class you are trying to register for is full and has a waitlist, click on the box “Waitlist if class is full” to be added to the waitlist:

After clicking “Next”, you will see your waitlist position:


  • Check SOLAR often. ¬†You will receive a SOLAR message if/when you are added to the class (or if there was a problem, like a time conflict).
  • SOLAR will check for prerequisites right after you click on the waitlist checkbox and click “Next”. ¬†However, other things like time conflicts, reserved sections, and other issues will only be checked when you are about to be added to the class.
  • If there is no waitlist checkbox that means that the class does not offer a waitlist.
  • Check out the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for dates on the last day to waitlist yourself and other important deadlines.
  • You can also use the waitlist option when you are swapping a class.