Welcome to Medical Instrumentation Lab

Our lab focuses on the research and development of device on the chip technology for biomedical applications. This includes the embedded systems for wearable medical devices and high performance computing technologies on FPGA for real time data processing. 

Our lab has established own platform technology for the medical device prototyping based on the latest technologies in embedded system design. We specialize in the design of mobile medical devices using wireless capable microcontrollers and the integration of those devices with cloud service for data analysis.

Our lab specializes in the application of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) in high performance computing (HPC). FPGA offers the flexibility of hardware configuration that can host high speed hardware computation and  the data acquisition and device control in on chip.

Our lab have extensive expertise in system integration using LabVIEW software development platform and hardware modules, especially compactRIO and PXI platforms from National Instruments for the development of large sophisticated medical devices. That can significantly reduce the development cycle and build reliable concept proof prototype for the commercialization of technologies.