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NYMSC 2015 Conference “Protecting our Coastal Environments: The Outlook for Green and Gray Solutions”

NYMSC Annual Conference

24 October 2015


SUNY Maritime College

Protecting our Coastal Environments: The Outlook for Green and Gray Solutions

Our coastal environment is increasingly threatened by over-development, harmful algal blooms, destructive storm surges and rising sea level. Two broad approaches to these threats have been proposed:  “Green” solutions that seek to use vegetation or organisms to improve water quality and protect coastlines, and “Gray” solutions that use hard structures and storm barriers.  These two approaches are often viewed as mutually exclusive.

The purpose of the 2015 NYMSC conference is to provide a forum where diverse perspectives on green and gray solutions can be presented and discussed. The program brings together experts from the conservation communities, government environmental agencies, academic scientists, and the professional engineering community.  Sessions will focus on regulatory and economic aspects of coastal protection and present several examples of both green and gray infrastructure projects.  The diversity of ideas and opinions will be discussed and argued in an afternoon debate.

There will be a student poster competition, for both graduate and undergraduate students, with a $250 prize. More information will be coming on that matter, as well as how to register for the conference. Please stay tuned.

Annual Conference Fall 2014

NYMSC Annual Conference 2014
18 October 2014
Hofstra University
Managing New York Ocean Resources: Connecting Science and Policy

The Consortium’s 2014 Annual Meeting will be held at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York on Saturday, 18 October 2014.

Co-sponsored by New York Sea Grant and the Hofstra Cultural Center

As directed by the National Ocean Policy, Regional and New York Ocean Action Plans and Ocean Assessments are being drafted that will protect and guide our management of marine resources for now and for the future. The New York Marine Sciences Consortium will host a meeting to gather input from the scientific community, policy makers, other stakeholders and the general public to inform these action plans and assessments. Your input from the conference will be used to develop recommendations and identify critical knowledge gaps regarding ocean-related human uses, natural resources, and cultural factors. The NY Marine Sciences Consortium will use this information to produce a meeting report that will be presented to NY State and to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Council on the Oceans to guide development of the Action Plans and Assessments. The action plans and assessments are critically important as they will help maximize the benefits of our ocean resources and protect the health of the ecosystem (MORE).

See more for a detailed description and agenda for further details about the meeting.

Annual Conference Fall 2012

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Annual Conference Fall 2011

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Annual Conference Fall 2010

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Annual Conference Fall 2009

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