Greetings, browsers of the blog-o-sphere!

My name is Sean Cavanagh and I am a senior here at Stony Brook University. I am currently finishing up a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Biology and Chemistry. In my senior year, I made the decision to additionally pursue a Minor in Writing and Rhetoric, to further facilitate and expand my academic interests.

I am currently enlisted in Writing for the Profession, an upper division elective in the writing program that places emphasis on connecting various aspects of quality writing skills into multiple professional realms, and the role that writing plays in many of these careers or academic disciplines. This blogfolio is a project associated with the course, however, I wish to use it as a vehicle for further blogging beyond the classroom, and perhaps the future promotion of my academic and professional interests via the continuously expanding format of the internet.

Blogfolios are a wonderful and rapidly growing means through which students and academics alike can create a professional image of themselves through the web. A blogfolio is a phenomenally interesting byproduct of the world of changing technology and can be used to exhibit professional accomplishments, as well as relevant personal interests and information. For all we know, paper portfolios may be dead one day and this could very well be the future.

Academically, I share great interests in biopsychology research regarding the neural mechanisms of human psychological phenomena, specifically involving the study of the human brain. Additionally, I feel heavily bound to writing in a personal sense, as well as its significance as a multidisciplinary tool of communication and the expression of ideas. One day, I hope to be able to get the opportunity to conduct and help further the advancements of neuropsychological research in the realm of seeking alternatives to drug therapy in the treatment of disorders such as ADHD and depression.

As for the continuation of my education beyond the undergraduate level, I am currently looking into Masters programs in Clinical Psychology, as well as research positions that may help to hone in my interests to a more specifically focused graduate track. In addition, I wish to continue pursuing writing as a personal passion, through blogging and leisurely composition, as well as properly implementing it as an instrument for success in the professional world.

I hope you enjoy reading my blogfolio and if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at sean.cavanagh@stonybrook.edu