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Frequently Asked Questions:

What does the Stony Brook Stitchers do?

Our members volunteer their time, energy, and creativity to lovingly create items for those in physical, emotional or spiritual need.  Stony Brook Stitchers originated 10+ years ago and is proud to donate handmade baby & adult hats, lap blankets, Afghans, christening outfits, prayer shawls, memory pouches and baby caps to patients at Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook Cancer Center and the Long Island State Veterans Home.

Students, faculty, staff of Stony Brook University & Hospital as well as community volunteer groups are welcome to participate in the Stony Brook Stitchers.  If you love to knit, crochet, sew or quilt, please considering joining the Stony Brook Stitchers.

Melissa Shampine, TH Staff Assistant, Cardiac Services and Jan M. Tassie, Assistant Director, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, are co-directors of Stony Brook Stitchers.

East Campus – Melissa Shampine @ melissa.shampine@stonybrook.edu

West Campus – Jan Tassie @  jan.tassie@stonybrook.edu

Can I join?

Yes, the Stony Brook Stitchers welcome Stony Brook University & Hospital employees & students to join us.  We encourage individuals and community groups to join us too!  We love to collaborate so that we can assist and provide for more patients in need.

If you are interested in joining us, tell us what type of volunteering you are interested in (knitting, crochet, sew, quilt) and provide us your contact information (name, phone, & email).  We will respond to your inquiry and place you on our email distribution list so you will get updates and newsletters.

We welcome external groups who have social knit/crochet gatherings and want to supply the Stony Brook Stitchers with their finished projects to be distributed to patients in need.  There are many external groups for you to consider joining while doing great work for the Stony Brook medical community.

Do you teach people how to knitting/crocheting/sew?

Unfortunately, no.  We recommend you contact your local school district for adult education offerings, your local yarn specialty store or major craft chain (Michaels, AC Moore, etc.) as they often have beginner class offerings.  The internet is also a great resource for learning.  Search for tutorial videos on YouTube or Pinterest.

Do you have regular knitting or sewing groups?

Most of our volunteers and external groups create on their own time and donate items when they are completed.  If you want a social connection while creating, we recommend you look for local groups in your community – such as library and church groups.

On occasion, we host evening events – like sew-a-longs, or chat & knit/crochet sessions.  Join our mailing list and check the website often for those opportunities.

Do you supply free yarn/supplies to the volunteers?

The Stony Brook Stitchers is an all-volunteer organization with a minimal yearly stipend.  On occasion we get small quantities of yarn that we distribute to various groups.  Please contact Stony Brook Stitcher leadership to request yarn.

I have completed items to donate.  How do I arrange delivery?

Here are two options:

  • Email either one of the people listed below to arrange drop-off of your completed items. Mailing addresses have been provided below if that is convenient option. (Note: we are not able to reimburse for any mailing expenses.)

Melissa Shampine –   melissa.shampine@stonybrookmedicine.edu , Stony Brook University Hospital, Cardiac Intensive Care Unit, Level 5, Room 962, Stony Brook, NY  11794-7590

Jan Tassie @ jan.tassie@stonybrook.edu, Stony Brook University, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarship Services

180 Administration Building, Stony Brook, NY 11794-0851

  • If it’s a hardship for you to drop-off your completed items, please call  Margaret Cush Grasso @ 631-632-6491 and she     will make arrangements to collect your donation.

Do you accept yarn donations?

Yes, we will gladly accept new yarn donations that come from smoke and hair free environments.  Because many of the patients have compromised immune systems, we cannot accept old, re-purposed or contaminated yarn.

Still have questions?

Please refer to our website.  www.stonybrookstitchers.com

You will find information on pattern ideas, measurements, our current needs, Stony Brook Stitcher recognition & awards, and so much more.

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