Thorne Lab Happenings

Marine mammal madness in the New York Bight!

New York is not typically thought of as a whale watching hotspot, but there are many favorable conditions for marine mammals just off the coast of NYC. Together with the labs of Drs. Janet Nye and Joe Warren from SoMAS, the Thorne Lab began the first of a multi-year...

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Introducing Master Matthew Fuirst!

Matt Fuirst presented his thesis on herring gull foraging ecology and microbiome characteristics along an urban gradient, and successfully defended his MS at SoMAS in July. Matt's thesis represents the culmination of three intense field seasons at three different...

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Congrats to newly-minted MS, Julia Donaton!

Congratulations to Julia Donaton, who successfully defended her Master’s thesis, “Diet analysis of loggerhead sea turtle diet in New York waters”, on November 6! Julia’s presentation discussed her findings on changes to loggerhead diet over a 25-year period, and how...

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Tracking gulls along an urban gradient

This year I spent the months of April-July tagging herring gulls at several colonies for my M.S. thesis research. My fieldwork this season primarily involved capturing the gulls using noose carpets and deploying/recovering GPS tags to track foraging movements.

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