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I typically teach two courses, Marine Mammals during the fall semester and Marine Birds during the spring semester. I also regularly advise undergraduate and Marine Conservation and Policy (MCP) Master’s students in research and capstone credits.

MAR 370/523 Marine Mammal Biology

3 Credits
Prerequisites: BIO 201 and 203

This course provides an introduction to the basic biology of marine mammals, focusing particularly on various adaptations (e.g., morphological, physiological, acoustic) to life in the marine environment, as well as the ecology and behavior of marine mammals, and the conservation and management of marine mammal populations.

MAR 377/578 Biology and Conservation of Marine Birds

3 Credits
Prerequisite: BIO 201
Advisory prerequisite: BIO 203

This course provides an overview of the biology of seabirds, covering basic and applied aspects of seabird ecology. We examine specific biological adaptations (e.g., morphological and physiological adaptations for diving and flying), review population-level processes and behavioral patterns (e.g., population ecology and migration) and then apply this knowledge of seabird biology and ecology to current conservation issues and management efforts, both within the United States and internationally.