Work with The Thorne Lab

We’re hiring! We currently have several current or upcoming positions in the Thorne lab:

  • We’re looking for a marine mammal technician to lead line transect & photo-ID surveys of cetaceans in the NY Bight. The tech will work closely with a great team of ecologists and oceanographers. The position will be open until Jan 24. Details can be found here.
  • We’re recruiting a Postdoc to work on an NSF-funded study of albatross foraging energetics in relation to wind variability. The Postdoc will lead analyses of albatross movement, behavior and energetic expenditure, and will conduct field studies deploying tags on albatrosses. We’re seeking candidates with strong programming and statistical modeling skills and experience handling seabirds. The anticipated start is in summer of 2019 and the position is open until February 9. Details can be found here.
  • Along with Janet Nye’s lab at SoMAS, we are seeking a Postdoc to study trophic interactions and develop ecosystem indicators of the New York Bight and Northwest Atlantic. The position is open until January 2, 2019. Information can be found here.
  • A PhD position will be available starting in Fall 2019. Applicants that are interested in the foraging ecology of marine predators, particularly those with field experience and with strong quantitative skills (e.g., experience with R or Matlab, multivariate and spatial analyses) should contact Lesley to discuss research projects and opportunities. Information on the Marine Sciences PhD program and the application process can be found on the SoMAS website. The deadline for applications is January 15.

For more information, and to discuss your interest in working with the Thorne Lab,

please drop Lesley an email at lesley(dot)thorne(at)stonybrook(dot)edu.

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