Work with The Thorne Lab

We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student with experience in programming and statistical modeling to join the Thorne Lab to work on an NSF-funded study of North Pacific albatross foraging energetics in relation to wind variability. The student will lead analyses of albatross movement, behavior and energetic expenditure, and will conduct field studies at Midway Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Preferred qualifications/ skills include an MSc in Biology or a related field and experience working with movement data and statistics in R or Matlab. Experience handling birds and working at remote field sites would be advantageous but is not required. The anticipated start is in summer of 2018. Interested applicants should send a CV and cover letter outlining research interests and relevant experience to Lesley Thorne by October 31.

In addition, we are always interested in receiving applications from students and scientists interested in the foraging ecology of marine predators, particularly from those with field experience and with strong quantitative skills (e.g., experience with ArcGIS, R or Matlab, multivariate and spatial analyses). Interested students are encouraged to contact Lesley to discuss research projects and current opportunities.

For more information, and to discuss your interest in working with the Thorne Lab,

please drop Lesley an email at lesley(dot)thorne(at)stonybrook(dot)edu.

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