Report from the Dean’s visit to Discovery Bay

My two day visit comes to an end tomorrow morning as I head to Montego Airport for my flight back to NY.  It was a great pleasure to witness the brimming enthusiasm of the students as they described the many organisms they had photographed, collected and learned to identify. Despite strong wind and turbid waters, the dive this morning turned up many new sightings of what were now familiar species, together with several unique discoveries. I am impressed with the non-stop energy the students are investing in the class. Chris and Brad are keeping them so busy with captivating lectures and class assignments such as their presentations of photographic and live collections, research proposals, and tomorrow…. the first exam. I did hear a few groans at lunch today when some realized how many pages of notes and Powerpoint slides they had to study after only 1 week of classes. The reward for them after the exam will be a trip to Ochos Rios, a nearby resort town. After my two days here, I leave knowing this class is an educational adventure these students will never forget.

I will be posting a story and some photos when I return to Stony Brook: check out the “MSRC in the News” section of the MSRC webpage within the next few days.


David Conover

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