Jan 14 by Amanda and Michael

Am1 Rain sucks…especially when your research project requires field work.  However, it is because of rain and other freshwater sources that we have chosen to study its effects on marine life in the bay.  We are now on day 5 of torrential downpour and it only seems fitting for our research objective.  Our agenda is to study the effects of hypotonicity on osmoconformers and osmoregulators.  The species we will test are the fireworm and the sea urchin respectively.  Currently, we have significant data on the urchin, however, due to inclement weather conditions, we have been unable to catch a single fireworm…and the deadline is approaching.  So far, our data has stayed consistent with our hypothesis concerning the urchin, which is a sign that things are going well.  We have recorded data in a sufficient manner and it has not given us much trouble  (although we dropped one of the urchins on the way to the scale and it split in half).  But all in all, things are working out fine.  We guess the big task ahead of us will be to capture 20 fireworms in heavy wave action and rain.  Once we can accomplish that feat, it should be smooth sailing.Am2

       Amanda & Michael

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