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Kerris_blog_pic Hi all!  It is almost time to go home and that means back to the cold so we are all trying to enjoy what is left of the warmth here in Jamaica.  Today we all woke up early to fit in as much work on our research projects as possible before heading out for an exciting evening.  First we hiked up to a waterfall and then spent some time jumping into a pool from the rocks and learning about the variety of beautiful plants there were in the park there.  Than we were off to dinner at glistening waters where we had a wonderful dinner and then went on a boat ride which gave us the opportunity to swim in the bioluminescent algae.  For those of you who don’t know, this means that there are micro-organisms in the water that glow when disturbed.  It was so cool to swim around in the water and see the glowing trail behind you.  Now it is back to business though as our final presentations are tomorrow night and our final papers are due Friday morning so there is a great deal of work to be done.  My partner Anna and I have changed our experiment completely due to the weather.  We are now studying the predation of snails at different depths in different locations in the bay.  So far only a few of our snails have been preyed upon and some have been replaced by hermit crabs which it quite interesting.  We will finish collecting data tomorrow and then begin analysis so you will have to ask us about it when the project is over.  All in all we are having a wonderful time in Jamaica and we are enjoying the weather even if it is a little bit rainy.  (Anything in better than the weather in New York right now.)  Hope you are all staying warm, we sure are!  See you all soon. 

Much love, Kerri

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