January 9


Everybody was up bright and early in the morning to head to Dunn River Falls. This is our entire group, except Adam who was running towards the group as the photo was shot.

Today we left Discovery Bay and ventured out into the gorgeous countryside of Jamaica. Our first stop was Dunn River Falls. Although we were apprehensive about the massive amounts of tourists, we entered the park and started our descent to the beach. The water was beautiful and crystal clear. There were guides all over the place trying to organize the myriad of people. Thanks to our fearless leaders, we managed to escape the grasp of the guides and start our ascent up the huge waterfalls. Although exceptionally slippery, we all seemed to being handling the climb well. For most of us, the problems we encountered climbing were due to the conga lines of people being lead up the mountainside. The falls were amazing and the water was on the cooler side but it was very refreshing. Some of us lost some sunglasses and various other things we took with us. We were warned against taking these things but like most college students we didn’t listen to the simplest of instructions. All in all the falls were beautiful and everyone enjoyed themselves. After we finished the climb about half the group stayed behind to play in the small pools at the top of the falls. By far, I believe this was the best time we had as a group on the trip.

After we all dried off and changed, we got back into our vans and went to Ocho Rios, a town that is a tourist destination of all the major cruise ships. Our bus driver, Pablo, took us on a detour to show us an amazing view of the town from above. We took some wonderful pictures and stared in awe at the massiveness of the cruise ship that had pulled into the harbor. Once we got into the town we found out we had a little over two hours to find food and do ALL of the souvenir shopping we promised our families we would do.

Some of us went to Margarittaville while others hauled ourselves over to the local Burger King and enjoyed some Whoppers. I think most of us haggled ourselves silly in the flea market buying shot glasses, decks of cards, and many other things I will not give away but it’s safe to say you will enjoy your presents when we return.

It took a little while for us to get rounded up for our ride back the Discovery Bay but we all got back in one piece and had another delicious dinner made by the fine ladies our kitchen. Many thanks to those women and all of the people that helped us have a wonderful day.


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