January 15


Photo Caption: A hummingbird flaps faster than even a digital camera wielded by Steve can capture.

BLOGTASTIC! So this morning arose like any other; waking up to (other) Stephen’s alarm a good 3 times before springing to life and staggering 20 feet to the cafeteria, maybe kicking a cinderblock on my way, maybe not. The food these ladies cook is delectably amazing, and even though breakfast is the worst meal they serve, some fresh pineapple in the morning never fails to satisfy. After fueling up, I suited up to check my problematic research project which, I will spare you the not so excruitiating details of. After this small bit of work it’s all smooth sailing. Relaxing in the sun, joking around, some jumps into the saltiness they call ocean are all part of the experience.

It has been days since my feet have felt the hug of socks; my shirts decide they rather be carried and not worn. A nice warm breeze never only complements the feelings of comfort felt.

So today’s adventure led us to the beautiful botanic gardens of Cranbrooke. You almost forget how gorgeous Jamaica is when you don’t leave the complex in a few days.

So we arrived at this place with peacocks and hens running wild, one albino, and we had a local guide walk us down this trail. This clear cut path wound along a babbling brook of sorts, with splendid horticulture all around us. From clusters of giant bamboo plants, to banana trees, to coconut trees, and even bird of paradise we saw it all. Not to mention hundreds of exotic plants I couldn’t begin to name, let alone recognize. Before long the trail ended, at a spring-like pool that fed into the brook. The walls extended high from the water with vines dangling freely where we could swing, jump in off high rocks, or just swim around. How strange it felt to swim in fresh water, without flippers. That was amazing, and on the wayback we stopped to play Frisbee in a field and we were even privileged to see the national bird, a hummingbird.

That was pretty much it, when we returned we had some deliciousness (food) and ended the night out on the jetty with some French reggae music and a friendly fire. Orion above us, the half full moon to the west, water all around, and a light warm breeze we were engulfed by Jamaica’s beauty. So yeah, that was pretty much my day.

–Stephen Parrish–

PS. My ankles itch badly.

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