06 January – Sleep and Snorkel


Today was
an early morning rise at 6 AM to catch the calmest waters of the day. A few of
us left bright and early and came back with nets filled of fish, algae, and
invertebrates just in time for breakfast. It is absolutely amazing the result
that the ocean can have on your stomach. No matter how full the 7:30 AM breakfast
may be it is impossible for it to prevent the eventual rumbling of your stomach
again barely one hour after. Nonetheless, most of us returned to swimming and
diving at just about that time.

Most of the
rest of the day followed this general course: food, snorkel, class, study and
start again. Tomorrow we have both our written and practical exams, and we need
to present our findings of the last few days. It is the end of these that
everyone is looking forward to. After these, our research projects will
begin and we will not look back until the spring semester begins back in the

Among the
notable sights of the day, we have: an early morning octopus (shown above), a
Urolophus jamaicensis (yellow stingray), a few eels, plenty of alga, a couple
sea stars, fish, and a few more unfortunate sea cucumbers.

— Will

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