08 January – Dunn’s River Falls


My time in Jamaica has
been spectacular so far. Coral reefs are present, snorkeling is a regular part
of life, and new things are learned. However, the work has been intense and
there was an exam yesterday. So after all the studying, we really needed a
break from the work. Well, that day was today and it was just the break we

I woke up at 7:00 am and would
eat breakfast at 7:30. The van would arrive at around 8:30 and we packed up and
got ready for our trip. After 45 minutes of driving, we would arrive at Dunn’s River Falls (see photo above). The falls were next to a beach, where our first picture of the day was taken.
After that, the group would climb up the waterfall. This was very intense yet
unique at the same time. I went hiking before in the mountains and I could say
I would get hot as well as sweaty. In Dunn’s River Falls,
it has waterfalls, which would get you refreshed and rocks to climb for the
adrenaline rush. Dunn’s River Falls is a great tourist
attraction that is worth checking out, but it’s better to arrive early.

After climbing the falls
twice and getting dressed, the van would take us to the city of Ocho Rios. This city was
very beautiful and we spent 4 hours looking around the city. We would go to a restaurant
called Margaritaville. The restaurant was a fun place where the scenery was
outside, the food was good, and there was dancing. I had ordered the famous
jerk chicken, which was delicious. After dancing for a while, I would
participate in a contest [Ed: Brian at left in bottom photo]. There is a string tied around your waste with a ball
attached to the end and you have to swing the ball with your hips in order to
hit this box across the bar to win. I was dead last against 2 other people, but
I still had fun. We would take another picture of the group together as a sign
of friendship.

After eating, we would
travel around the flea market and check out various items such as woodcarvings
and paintings. The people would often pressure you in order to buy their items.
Some would just offer you a taxi ride or get your hair braided. Still, they
mean will and just want to make a living. After the flea market, we would go to
a convenience store and buy food and water. We would look around various shops.
I would end up buying a dolphin that holds candles. After 4 hours, we would
travel back to Discovery Bay and eat dinner. We
would write our proposals for the future projects. Today was a good day and
life in Jamaica is good.

— Brian


2 thoughts on “08 January – Dunn’s River Falls

  1. I am not at all jealous that you were at the beautiful falls today and some of us are here in the freezing temperatures, working and doing the same old things…not jealous at all.
    You all look like you are having a good time! Enjoy it!

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