25 Jan AM – No problem man.

Jamaica is truly an amazing place. The people are so friendly, and happy all the time. "No Problem mann" Jamaicans really live up to the stero-type of living there lives in a chilled out, and relaxed manner. They are able to just enjoy life for what it is, and be happy no matter what life brings them. On Thursday we went to Ocho Rios which is a city filled with stores, clubs, restaurants, and supermarkets. It was pretty much like any other city.

Cropped straw market
The only place you can find Giraffes in Jamaica is in the straw market.

I went shopping at the straw market, which are individual four by four areas that are occupied with very persistent merchants. A Jamaican man recruited us from the ATM across the street, and lead us into the straw market. I would say I was an easy target since I bought a lot of everything. I was so overwhelmed with qoutes such as "Nice Lady please come see what I make" coming from everywhere. Then when you get suckered into their little areas they show you their arrticles in one hand, and fan you with their other hand. I would say the merchants scored a 10 out of 10 on the hustling scale, since I spent a fairly large amount of money.

Cropped straw market 2
The straw market has a little bit of everything.

Our research projects are in full swing. My partner and I are on our second species testing. Our project has become challenging since on our final trial of our test 1 our results were fatal, and fatal meaning 16 out of our 18 species were dead. We started our second test with a different species. We are crossing our fingers, and hoping for better results. Besides challenges with the project itself, when working with someone diligently for many hours a day, you might find yourself trying to drown your partner or trying to lose them in the deep sea while diving, but you work things out. I am dreading the idea of going home back to New York where -8 degrees celcius and the beginning of a new school semester awaits me. But, you can't have "no worries" forever. 🙁


– Kasey

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