18 Jan PM – “Who’s that Pokémon!?!?”

Whos that pokemon
Who’s that Pokémon???

So word in the water column is that there’s a spotted eagle ray that’s been visiting the dock’s of the marine lab and the adjacent lagoon. However, this spotted beauty has yet to be spotted by a camera… Suspicions are high. The, supposed, five foot fish has revealed itself to but a select few here, who all back each other up in the allegation. For the past four nights now I have waited. Waited for this beast of a fish to come swimming my way. Waited with my camera at the ready to grab the photo. But to no avail. The creature is of mythical proportion and an eye uncatchable. The believability compares most closely to the ability or lack of, to catch such fabled beings as the yeti and the Loch Ness monster. So tonight, I set out once again, my camera filled with desire; for maybe tonight we can wrestle this mysterious being into the confines of a picture frame. Tonight I wait.

Its spotted eagle ray
It’s spotted eagle ray!

Billy Lake


5 thoughts on “18 Jan PM – “Who’s that Pokémon!?!?”

  1. The Great Pumpkin does exist Linus!!!! Hope you get the pic tonite. How many dives have you done so far? Hope you guys enjoyed the Wall dive.

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