Tracey Vlasak and Meaghan Coyne

The Correlation Between Herbivory and Algae Distribution in
Different Areas of Discovery Bay

Algae can be
found in all parts of Discovery Bay, from the mangroves to the fore
reef. Our study aims to look at the correlation between herbivory and
distribution of red, green and brown algae in the mangroves and the
back reef. In the first part of the study a 63 cm by 63 cm PVC
quadrat was used to observe the algal distribution in different parts
of the mangroves and the back reef. We went to the mangroves and the
back reef every day for a week and took pictures of the quadrats in
five areas of each site. Through the pictures and samples that were
collected, the algae and other species in each quadrat were
identified. The distribution of the algae was recorded using the
Braun-Blanquet scale. This uses a scale number to represent a percent
coverage within the quadrat. We recorded the percent cover of no
algae, turf algae, and encrusting algae along with red, green and
brown. For the second part of our study two looked at herbivory on
the algae. We weighed and attached red, green, and brown algae to
tethers put them out at the back reef and the mangroves. These were
out for two 24 hours periods and then reweighed. The results were
recorded and analyzed using a two tailed t-value test.   

Quadrat sampling of bottom cover.

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