18 Jan PM – A Blast from the Past

[Ed:  This post is from 5 days ago. It somehow managed to get lost on the thumb drive the class uses to turn in assignments. My apologies to Jose.  And now journey back in time with us….]

Jan 13th

The days go by and we are getting ready for start our group research. We (The Dits) have been going to a different area called Runaway bay, where there are many different hotels and touristic area. Fruiti our scuba professor pointed out different cultural customs, and local information about Jamaica in each trip. Some of us got certified for scuba diving, we are not Dits any more. We graduated by diving between a canyon of coral reef that perhaps goes to a depth of 100ft. The other guys already had their certification to scuba. I would describe this place as a great experience for appreciate and observed the marine life. We have seen many vivid colors, living things to see, places to go, and pictures to take. We review with our professors for our test playing marine live jeopardy and this helps us to remember part of what we have learned in previews days. Something cool is that everybody had studied together and had a funny way to remember scientific names. Also, I wont never forget our professor Joe’s favorite fish blue hamlet “Hypoplectus Indigo”.


We the Dits scuba for the second time, thanks to Danica for the picture

Jose Deniz



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  1. The Indigo Hamlet is a really great treat for the eyes. I get what you mean when you say you saw a lot of vivid colors.

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