20 Jan AM – Just Don’t Step on any Urchins…

Since getting certified last week, I don’t think I’ve gone a single day without diving. Richard, Lucia and I lay down transects, take pictures, and try as hard as we possibly can to avoid stepping on any urchins, fire coral, and other quasi-dangerous things. All of this takes place roughly 30 feet under water and would be near impossible without scuba diving. We’re hoping to find a positive correlation between number of coral and the number of urchins within a given area. All that means is that we spend a lot of our time in urchin filled waters. Still, I’m enjoying the opportunity to be out doing research like this. Every night when trying to fall asleep, I feel like I’m floating underwater… as if I’ve been shifted right back to the 7 AM dive from that day. After a long day of doing something both exhilarating and physically exhausting, it’s kind of cool to see your body echo phantom sensations from that day.

Dive and stuff

Bright and early, going out on a dive (That’s Megan next to me)

– Roxane 

5 thoughts on “20 Jan AM – Just Don’t Step on any Urchins…

  1. I am happy to see you in the diving suite we got together. Based on pictures and comments of all your group, this program is awesome. Mixing fun and science helps to progress. You have now found another world, underwater, where you can move in many directions comparing to the ground. Pay attention to details in your research project. Bon Courage!

  2. Looks like two very happy divers! The phantom diving sensations remind me of what Megan told me about how you can identify a sailor from how they walk on land – the sensation of being on the water stays with them and they walk like they are on a ship!

  3. I am glad you are having that much fun over there! I wasn’t as brave as you to try diving but I love snorkeling. When you are under water it looks like you are in the another world, far away from everything…
    I miss you and hope see you soon!

  4. Do sea urchins eat coral? I like eating sea urchins, mmm uni is good. Did you know that the Aqua-Lung was the first commercial open circuit, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, and was developed in 1942 by Jacques Cousteau!

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