22 Jan PM – Diving Rio Bueno

Yesterday morning was our boat trip to a dive sight known as Rio Bueno, a coral reef wall that drops down to deep depths. In my last post, I mentioned always finding something new and exciting. Well this trip was without a doubt the best so far! The colors of all the corals found along the wall were brilliant and inviting and extended as far as the eye could see. There were so many cracks and crevices to check that spending all day there would easily be a possibility. The corals and fish were amazing, however my favorite part of the dive involved a lot less ‘stuff’; looking away from the reef out into the open ocean. The blue color of the open ocean made me feel like it was completely still and empty. Some of the divers even got to see a sea turtle emerge from the blue abyss (I was not that fortunate, but still got to sea a video that was taken).

 Look how blue the water is!


Diving just above the reef wall of Rio Bueno.  

– Breeanne

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