09 Jan 2015 – Arriving at Discovery Bay


Brrrrhhhh. It sure is cold here in Jamaica!

So all students and instructors have arrived at the Discovery Bay Marine Lab for this year's MAR 388 Tropical Marine Ecology course.  We left sub-zero temperatures in NY and got to the lab last night for a delicious dinner of fried chicken.  We woke up this morning to a little bit of wind (and rain), but no snow!


Gearing up to begin exploring the bay.

Immediately after breakfast, everybody in the class got their snorkel gear on and got in the water to begin exploring the local marine flora and fauna. And to begin building their plant/invert/fish photo identification library.  We even had a rainbow appear over Professor Peterson's head.

Our first course lecture on the physical structure of coral reefs began after lunch and our DITs (divers in training) are doing work this afternoon towards their SCUBA certification.

We'll be posting updates a couple of times a day so everybody back home can follow the student's discoveries and adventures here in Jamaica.

Prof. Warren

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