13 Jan 2015 – Fields of Blue

Hello blog readers! This is my second blog post, and I am finally getting the hang of informing and giving our lovely friends a snippet of our packed days here in Jamaica.

Monday was one of the most intense, interesting, and panicky days on the trip; I know it was for me. After the challenging workday we had this weekend, from snorkeling, to working two hours in the wet lab, and listening to lectures; and for three other students, taking SCUBA training. I think we were all ready for just a little relaxation on the dock. Personally, after spending the day snorkeling, studying and identifying specimens, relaxing with music playing in the background and having an entire stretch of the dock entirely to ourselves, did not sound bad at all. The sunny weather, and being surrounded by beautiful clear Caribbean water has been heavenly.

In the morning, we had a little scare, because one of my roommates could not find her passport, what a relief it was that we found it four long minutes later (whew!). Although we all laughed about it afterwards, we were all pretty shaken up and hectically looking around the room.

Later, after Lea and I were doing our I.D tasks in the conference room; while the other students were doing their first open water dive (very exciting!), we eventually all met up and studied for our third quiz.

The rest of the class around 8pm went for a night snorkel in the deep blue bay. However, I regretfully stood on the dock as they happily swam away. Admittedly, I will say that I am scared to go out for a night snorkel and I have yet to muster up the strength to do so. But hopefully tonight after we assemble after a delicious and flavorful dinner, I will put on my gear and head out. But I guess we will see?

Until my next blog post, stay warm!



  Beautiful weather and scenery

Beautiful weather and scenery!

  Picturesque nights

Picturesque nights

Shay and Mr. Jinx

Shay bonding with a cat (Mr. Jinx) while we were all studying in the conference room

Mustard Hill Coral

Took us a couple minutes (but we are getting better at it) Lea and I identified Mustard Hill Coral ( Porites astreoides) after snorkeling in the morning



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