15 Jan PM – Down down to the cave!

A part of the cave entrance.

These last few days have brought us lot of new information, not only about the species we are analyzing in the lab, but also about the history of the island. Jamaica is a very particular place full of natural and manmade attractions. Today we witnessed one of the greatest caves on earth. I’ve never felt so interested and intrigued anywhere else. Each rock served a purpose since before the colonization of the Spanish on the island. The cave was originally shelter for the natives and later on for the freed slaves.

Within this wonderful place, we were able to find bats, snakes, marine life, limestone and much more. One of the most interesting facts about this place was the fact that a portion of the cave was once used as a bar. You can see where the stage and the bar were located not many years ago. Every corner has a history behind it and it’s a place I would love to visit again. The government has helped preserved this cave, its history and even the original trees within in. However, the best part of the day was to see the adventurous side of Professor Peterson and his ability to go through a limbo hole that not everyone was willing to go through.

The Peterson’s genetic abilities.

– Juali

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