12 Jan 2018 – Jellyyyyyyy

My day started off with me being woken up by the sounds of the rainforest, loud rain and rattling trees. I then had breakfast and prepared for my three dives of the day. Scuba diving is very tiring but I’m glad we went on three rather than our usual two. I saw a lot of cool and interesting things along the way. I saw some Titan Trigger fish chasing down their food, a bunch of colorful nudibranch and even three sharks! During one of our surface intervals, I was snorkeling looking for cool fish to identify. I saw something purple floating just below the surface out of the corner of my eye and swam to it. Not to my surprise, I saw a Jellyfish. It stood out to me because I’ve never seen a purple and orange medusa jellyfish in person and i thought it was really pretty. Every dive I go on I discover more and more things that excite me and make me curious of what my next dive in Fiji will hold.

– Leora

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