14 Jan 2018 – Classroom Component

Unlike most of the other blog posts discussing the dives and the cultural aspects of this trip, this one will be about the physical classroom aspect. The second (or third) dive of the day is followed by a lecture by one of our professors. Topics include discussions about coral biology, limiting factors, human interferences, as well as, marine hierarchy. Each lecture starts with a quiz on the previous day’s lecture, usually five questions. Then, we go over the quiz answers. I have to admit, they are pretty stressful. The lectures are informative, interesting and thought provoking.

I really like how the professors include images of what they see during their dives; teaching about the marine life that we see daily, in Fiji, is much more engaging than if we were thought things that we didn’t have the real-life experience of seeing.

We are students nestled on the couches looking over to a projector screen pinned to the wall. The intimate setting provides an atmosphere great for asking questions and having more personalized discussions about freshly seen organisms. The gentle breeze flows through the main bure, where our lectures are held, which is relaxing. All-in-all, the lectures are wonderful.

A lecture by Professor Joe Warren.

– Ashley

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